Tastings have resumed on a new night. Join us for TASTE THURSDAY every week from 6-7:30 pm in the retail side. Featured wines will be available in the front ‘by the glass’ space during the tasting in addition to the regular glass pour menu.

Our goal is to share with the community and to provide an inviting environment to experience the diversity of wines available globally.  We will be hosting weekly tastings to provide an opportunity to sample a wide variety of wines for finding the one’s that best fit your palate.  You will have access to the winemakers or distributors to learn more about the personality behind what’s in the bottle.  Because we believe in the social aspect of food and wine, we will share recommended recipes or food pairings when possible.

We sometimes feature tastings on other nights when a special winemaker comes into town. Times may vary as noted in tasting descriptions below.

weekly tastings


Join us in our redesigned front space where you can now sit and sip on wines ‘by the glass’. Swing on in to check out the new digs and enjoy a glass of vino!

Harvest Fresh Wines - join us for TASTE THURSDAY, 10/14, and try through a line-up of wines chosen to pair with fresh, fall Farmer’s Market ingredients. 6-7:30 in the retail side (2nd door).

Reserve BAROLO Tasting - join us for a special tasting night on Wednesday, 10/21 at 6 pm for a sit down tasting in our front space. Reservations are required, space is limited to 15 people. Cost is $15 per person ($12 for club members).

Oddero has over 150 years in winemaking (since 1878), and was put on the map by Giacomo Oddero (grandfather of the current Giacomo) in 1911. Today, the historical winery is run by sisters Mariacristina and Mariavittoria who took over from their father, Giacomo. The estate owns 35 hectares of land of which 16 are devoted to Nebbiolo for their Barolo production. Below is a sampling of the wines we'll be sampling during this sit down tasting:

  1. Barbera d'Alba 2011

  2. Barbaresco Gallina 2010

  3. Barolo Classico 2010

  4. Barolo Villero 2011

  5. Barolo Roche 2011

This is a unique opportunity to try the wines in an intimate, casual sit down setting. We're also working on securing a couple special Barolo verticals that will be available for purchase to those in attendance. Shoot us an email or call to RSVP (bin41@me.com or 206.937.0411) if you'd like to join us for this rare and special tasting.

($5 tasting fee, excluding club members unless noted otherwise. Tasting fee is refundable with a bottle purchase of the featured wines).